Put Your Goals in Pictures

Recently my client Jennifer called me. “I did it!” she exclaimed over the phone. “I bought the vacation home that I visualized.” That excitement in her voice was a pleasure to hear. Seven years ago she was widowed at age 27 when her husband died in an auto accident near their home in Southern California. […]

Six Signs That It’s Time to Sell That Stock

Whether one of your stock purchases is flying high or plummeting downward, it can be tricky to decide when to sell. Is your high riser about to implode? Should you stick with your spiraling stock in the hopes that it will rebound? Here are six signs that it’s time to cut the cord and sell […]

Life Events and Your Finances: Are You in the Know?

The old saying, “what we don’t know can’t hurt us,” is good for a laugh when we’re talking about the number of calories in a mocha frappuccino. However, we really do want to know as much as we can about how certain predictable life events can affect us, especially our finances. Although we can’t know […]

Life After Divorce: What You Need to Do Now

Now, more than ever, you need to make sure that your finances are on the right track. You will then be able to put the past behind you and set in place the building blocks that can be the foundation for your new financial future.  Review your insurance needs Typically, insurance coverage for one or […]