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Want to Attract More Women Clients? It’s a Science.

A cartoon I saw recently shows a male advisor pitching a woman prospect from across the desk. He’s explaining all the facts and figures about markets and indices and asset allocation models. Next panel: She’s left his office, and he’s pumping his fist in the air saying, “Nailed it! I told her everything she needed […]

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Holiday Shopping Tips to Keep You from Breaking the Bank

Here are some smart planning tips courtesy of that can help you save $500 or more before the holidays. Budget Before employing any other savings tactics, create a holiday budget. Calculate the amount available to spend on holiday festivities, including gifts, cards, postage, decorations, entertaining, tips and travel costs. Break up with the barista  Breaking […]

Are You an ‘Innie’ or ‘Outtie’?

The story that always breaks my heart is when someone who has been married for many years (usually her entire adult life) is faced with divorce and she has absolutely no clue about the couple’s financial picture. This is called being the “Out-Spouse,” and it’s far more often the woman in a hetero couple. Read More