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Are your kids saving savvy? We are always looking for resources that will help you and your family improve your finances. Our latest Cool New Friend is KidsSave, a kids’ savings and money management program designed for ages 6 and up. With KidsSave software, kids can record deposits and withdrawals, parents can record allowances and […]

TIP$ — Turning Ideas Into Profits

TIP$ (Turning Ideas Into Profits) is a mid-life women’s business community providing information, education, support, and networking opportunities for women entrepreneurs in their late 40s and beyond. When women join the TIP$ community, they have access to special benefits that include a 65-page business startup guide, an online discussion forum, a comprehensive Resource Center with […]


Are you a Boomer? Eons believes that life that begins at 50, and they are there to help you to live the biggest life possible—through articles, interviews, how-to lists, books, and recommended Web sites (including!). If you are ready to start thinking about your unprecedented opportunity to travel and explore, to re-invent your career, […]

Smart Mom Solutions

If you are a busy working mom, Smart Mom Solutions provides practical ideas for the real challenges you face today. Every Smart Mom product is designed to save you time, effort and help you stay connected with your children, school, caretakers, family and friends. Visit Smart Mom Solutions to place your order now!

Do Something offers a free financial education program for young people. They have lesson plans that families can use at home, plus an online game that lets your kids make smart money decisions as they play out their future adult life. Visit Do Something.

To Lease Or Not To Lease, That Is The Question

If you are in the market for a new car, you may have been tempted by the low monthly payments featured in the advertisements for leasing arrangements. With a lease, you can expect to make little or no down payment and make lower monthly payments. At the end of the lease period, you don’t have […]