What Should Fund Investors Do With Style Boxes? Use Them!

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Background Several years ago, Morningstar’s Don Phillips invented what is called a style box, now widely used by the investment community to categorize mutual funds according to investment characteristics of their portfolios. Fund categorization allows investors to diversify the asset-allocation of their portfolios by choosing a selection of funds according to varying degrees of risk […]

Sizing Up Your Investment Risk

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Albert Einstein – “Not Everything That Counts Can Be Counted” If you have money in, or are just thinking about, emerging market mutual funds, I would strongly suggest that you incorporate the message found in the Einstein quote in your thought process. The investment community’s assessment of emerging markets seems to focus its evaluations on […]

Common Sense: You Can’t See It or Touch It, But It’s a Great Investing Tool

Common Sense

Fund investors have dozens of tools to choose from to help them make smart mutual fund investment choices. Fund databases, websites, calculators, screening software, newsletters, videos, publications, message boards, and financial media are readily available. For many individuals, the investing process is a bit of a mystery, and they are intimidated by a perceived information-overload. […]

BlackRock’s Misguided Guidance – The Devil Is in the Details


New York-based investment manager, BlackRock Investments, LLC, started running a full- and half-page color ads in the Wall Street Journal. The attention-grabbing ad headline, in large bold letters, that “Traditional Bond Funds You Once Considered Safe Investments May Not Be So Safe Anymore” must have been a bit unnerving to some bond investors. The advertisements’ […]

Can Investors Learn Something from Soccer Goalkeepers?

The Wall Street Journal carried a long article by Michael A. Pollack titled, “What Are You Afraid Of.” In this piece, Pollock discusses impending market risks and suggested strategies by several experts on how investors can deal with certain adverse events. The article covers seven “what if” scenarios: Stocks take a dive, natural disasters and/or […]