Small Steps To Cut Expenses

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  • If you and your spouse both have medical insurance, review your coverage to see if it would be less expensive for both of you to be on the same plan.
  • Let your fingers do the shopping. Look for shopping bargains on the Internet, at your favorite sites or at an auction site. There are some sites that do the price comparison for you, so you’ll know you are getting the best deal possible. And use your debit or credit card for protection against defects, breakage or overcharges.
  • Shop carefully for debit cards. Some debit cards have monthly or per-transaction fees. Carefully review your cardholder agreement. Your issuer is legally required to disclose any fees you will be charged for card use.
  • Set your alarm 10 minutes earlier so you can make your own morning coffee and pack a bag lunch. Apply this savings from not going out for lunch or coffee toward your credit card debt and whittle it away faster.
  • Check your finances for these drains:
    • Belonging to a health club that you don’t use very often;
    • Paying for more premium cable channels than you watch;
    • Paying for phone services you don’t use/need (land lines and cell);
    • Paying ATM charges and debit charges when free alternatives are available;
    • Using credit cards that charge fees that are greater than the premiums they offer (miles, rebates, etc.);
    • Buying more expensive gas for your car than you actually need — or not comparison shopping for gas;
    • Ordering checks from the bank rather than ordering the cheap ones from the mailers;
    • Drinking coffee at an expensive java joint rather than at home or the office;
    • Anything else that costs you money but for which you do not really get any value.
  • Go to the library instead of buying your books at the bookstore. You’ll find an interesting variety of old as well as new books, interesting community programs and activities, and most libraries have high speed internet access as well.
  • Sign up for the free Money Club Makeover, 21 Days to Boost Your Savings.