Want to save taxes? Buy carrots.

carrotsAs Congress and the White House consider cutting spending and raising taxes, I hope they consider what creative entrepreneurs do when tax rates get too high.

Here’s an example:

When a special sales tax on theater ticket sales were raised to 21%, a theater owner in Spain put on his thinking cap.

He noticed that vegetables at the supermarket were taxed at only 4%, so he began selling vegetables instead of theater tickets. If you buy a bunch of carrots from the theater for $16, you are treated to a free theatrical performance.

Get your carrots here, folks!

7 thoughts on “Want to save taxes? Buy carrots.”

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    1. If you are married to H2 at the time of his death, you would be eligible for widow benefits, which are the equivalent of what he would have gotten if he had lived. You can collect reduced benefits as early as age 60, or wait and collect full benefits at age 66+. If you and H2 divorce, and at that point you had been married to him for 10 years or longer, then once you reach retirement age you can collect divorced spouse benefits based on H1 or H2, or your own benefits, whichever is higher.

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