Getting Organized: Member Guide

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Getting organized is a never-ending process-just when you think you’ve gotten it all together, something changes and you need to organize it all again! This Money Zone will help you get more organized and (believe it or not) enjoy the process.


Go around the room and give an example of an organizational technique that works for you-anything you like, as simple or complex as you choose. Do you use a day planner? Do you pay your bills online? Do you keep your keys in a tray by the door?

Things to Talk About

Organization is a difficult topic for many people-we seem to have a lot of guilt about our organizational skills. If we are very organized, we feel guilty when people call us “anal”. If we are not very organized, we feel guilty when we forget appointments or can’t find something. The trick is to find a system that works for you-that lets you accomplish as much as you choose, without being cumbersome. The following questions will help you think more deeply about your feelings about organization, and to discover creative ways of dealing with the details of life.

Pick the question your Club finds most interesting. If there’s still time, pick another one — or make up your own!

  • Were family members very organized when you were growing up? Do you think you have a similar style?
  • What are the advantages of your organizational style? The disadvantages?
  • Do you consider yourself “organized” or “disorganized”? Why?
  • Does lack of organization (or over-organization) cause stress in your life?
  • Is there someone in your life who would be your role model regarding organization? What can you do to adopt some of their traits?
Catch Yourself Doing Something Right
Share your success with your fellow Club members:

  • What Money Miracle (unexpected good fortune) did you have since last meeting?
  • What did you do since last meeting to become a Money Star (a money-savvy gal in charge of her finances)? How did you further your financial goals?
What Will You Do Today?
Choose one Small Step to do before next meeting, and pledge to the group to do it. To select that 15-minute exercise, ask yourself these questions:

  • What are your money challenges before the next meeting?
  • What do you need to focus on?
  • What is the next step in your life — and what can you do before the next meeting to achieve it?

Don’t drive yourself crazy. Remember, you can do anything for 15 minutes! For example:

  • I will spend 15 minutes clearing off the surface of my desk. I will touch each piece of paper only once, handle it, and then forget about it. When the 15 minutes is up, I will reward myself with doing something I enjoy.


  • I will go through my house and choose 15 items to donate to charity. I will gather the items in a box, drive to the charity drop-off center, and get my donation receipt. Yay! A cleaner house, and a tax deduction!


  • I will tackle some small organizational task I have been putting off-whether it’s a junk drawer, a closet, or a file folder, I will start the project and then (gasp!) complete it.

You get the picture. This is like Goldilocks. Don’t try to do too much. Don’t try to do too little. Do it just right.

More Cool Ideas for Small Steps.

Money Attraction Affirmations
Choose one affirmation to motivate you to achieve your goals, something like:

  • I am organizing myself to achieve my goals.
  • I am managing the details of my life.
  • I am letting go of rigid standards and expectations of myself.
  • I relax and enjoy the process of organizing my life.
The Money Zone for Next Meeting
Cast your vote: Does your Money Club want to stay in this Money Zone, or do you want to move on to the next Money Zone?If your group decides to Stay in the Zone then, future Money Star, check out these fun articles so you can discuss them at your next meeting. Even if your group decides to move to the next Zone, you still can explore these on your own.Organizing Your BusinessDiscussion questions:

  • Which of these organizing tips best suits your needs?
  • What other ideas do you have to organize your business (or personal) life?

Organizing Your Time

Discussion questions:

  • How can you adapt these time management techniques to your life?
  • What fun activity have you been putting off because “you don’t have time”? Is there a way to arrange to schedule so you do have time?

Organization — A Way to Create Balance in Your Life 

Discussion questions:

  • Did you do the exercise in the article? If so, what were your results? If not, why not?
  • In what ways is your life balanced? How can organization help you to create more balance in your life?
Just For You

Before the next Money Club meeting, do the Just for You Exercise called Organizing Your Family’s Records

Don’t skip a meeting if you don’t get this done. Half of life is showing up, Money Clubs included. You can tell the group you didn’t get it done, and they will encourage you (not bug you) to make a date to do it soon.

Discussion questions for your club meeting:

  • Do you have some special tricks for organizing you can share with your club members? How did you develop them?
  • How do your methods of organization differ from your mate’s? Does this cause problems?