Know Your Stuff

Natural DisastersWhenever you read about house fires, tornadoes, hurricanes and earthquakes, do you resolve to make a list of all your stuff and important papers and store it somewhere?

Well, the Insurance Information Institute is here to help you, with free online home inventory software.

This app makes creating and updating your home inventory easy and efficient. And you’ll never have to remember where you put your inventory –with their free, secure online storage you’ll be able to access to your inventory anywhere, any time. What a great service!

1 thought on “Know Your Stuff”

  1. Know Your Stuff app is FULL of problems. And their customer service is essentially nonexistent. Last time I had problems, it took 2 months of MANY email and tweets before they responded, and then they just shrugged and said they couldn’t help me. I wish to god I had used a decent program for my home inventory, rather than spending over 50 hours inventorying everything using this piece of junk.

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