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Do your kids think you’re made of money?

Do your kid's thing you're made of money?Does it seem like every time you turn around your forking out dough to your kids?

Maybe, it’s time to start teaching them the meaning of that old expression, “Money doesn’t grow on trees” Here are some helpful ideas to make them start respecting the hard work that goes into their “endless supply of cash” by teaching children about money.

First let your children make money decisions from an early age. Allowance is one of the best ways for a child to learn about having to make their own choices, as well as the importance of saving to make a purchase.

Make sure your child understands the link between work and paychecks. Let them know that the only way you have money to spend is by the result of hard work

Make investments for your children in stocks or mutual funds and explain it to them. Maybe you can pick some of their favorite brands and buy a couple shares of stock in that then they can feel the pride in being part owners.

If you can teach your children to respect money and understand that it comes from hard work maybe they’ll stop thinking of you as a bank and more as a mom.

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