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Are You Ready to Finally Start Your Emergency Savings Fund? Take the 21-Day Savings Makeover

If you got a bill for $387.81 right now, could you pay it off without using your credit cards, begging family members, or taking out a payday loan with a huge interest rate? It just so happens that $387.81 is the average cost of a car repair when the check engine light comes on. If […]

Eight Big, Game-Changing Ideas to Finally Pay Off Your Credit Card Debt This Year – Part Two

If you thought we proposed some pretty big ideas to pay off your credit card debt this year in part one of this series, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet. We’ve saved our biggest, boldest, and most serious ideas for this article. If you’ve got thousands of dollars in credit card debt to pay down, you […]

Eight Big, Game-Changing Ideas to Finally Pay Off Your Credit Card Debt This Year – Part One

You’ve got credit card debt, and you hate it! Maybe a snapped timing belt in your car (and the huge bill that followed) sent you into a credit card spiral, or you lost your job, or you simply have a habit of swiping now and worrying about the consequences later. Whatever the reason, your credit […]

Can I Get Divorced After 50 and Still Retire on Time?

There is a popular consensus that divorce rates in the United States are sky high and climbing fast, but the truth is that actual rates of divorce have settled over the last decade of so for all age groups…except one. We are in what some experts have called, the “gray divorce revolution.” A study out […]

Five Things You Need to Know About Filing Your Taxes After a Divorce

Tax season is coming. (Anyone hear the Jaws theme suddenly start playing in the background?) If you are either in the process of getting divorced or got divorced last year, then you may be facing a totally different tax situation than you are used to. Take care! You don’t want to accidentally lose out on some […]

Five Steps To Building A Portfolio

Is this the year you finally begin building your own investment portfolio? If you feel nervous about putting your money into the stock market, or aren’t sure how to get started, then this article by Lynda Claiborne is the perfect starter for you! What does financial freedom mean to you? For most people, it is […]

Ten Ways to Fall in Love With Valentine’s Day After a Divorce

During the early days of your courtship and marriage, Valentine’s Day may have been full of gorgeous red roses, glittering glasses of expensive wine, and ooey-gooey proclamations of love. Now, even the thought of Valentine’s Day may sting your already-hurting heart. If you’ve recently gotten divorced – even if it was definitely the right thing […]