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What Brangelina’s Divorce Can Teach You About the Value of a Prenup

Say it ain’t so! Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are getting divorced. Maybe you were originally on Team Jennifer when Pitt and Jolie got together, but you’ve got to admit the two Hollywood superstars seemed like a match made in gorgeous person heaven. After 10 years of dating (possibly a world record in Hollywood), Pitt […]

Can You Really Afford a New Pet?

Pets bring their humans companionship, love, and lots of joy…but they also bring costs. That monster-sized bag of dog kibble isn’t going to buy itself, and that trendy new cat condo doesn’t exactly grow on trees. Adopting a new pet is a financial decision — and one that will impact your budget for the length […]

Returning to the Workforce? It Might Be Time to Consider an Adult Internship.

Getting a job is hard, especially if you happen to have a ten-year gap in your resume and skills rustier than a bike left out all winter. Yet, this is the reality that many women in our country face when they are ready to rejoin the workforce after leaving their careers to raise a family […]

Should You Consider a Separation Instead of a Divorce?

Not every marriage ends with an epic fight and an eternal hatred for one another that can never be quenched. In certain cases, a marriage can just quietly wither until one spouse (usually the woman) simply decides that she would be happier on her own. This is especially true of “gray divorces,” divorces that take […]

Never Pay Interest on a Credit Card Again – Credit Card Balance Transfers

Life happens, and life can be expensive. Maybe the radiator of your car blew out and you suddenly find yourself handing over your credit card to cover a $2,000 mechanic bill. Or you have to suddenly fly across the country for a week to take care of a sick parent. Or, perhaps you lost your […]

Why You Should Make Your Ex-Husband Buy Life Insurance as Part of Your Divorce Settlement

Going through a divorce is a huge emotional blow and will undoubtedly be a pretty big financial blow, too. Even though we ladies are climbing up the rungs of the corporate ladder, we still earn less than men. We are also still more likely to drop out of the workforce in order to care for […]

Is There Credit After Divorce

I am thinking of divorce, and I don’t know what to do about my credit cards. Will I be able to get credit after I divorce, or will I have to start over?

How To Choose A Divorce Attorney

A divorce is one of the most traumatic events in a person’s life, ranking right up there with the death of a loved one. A divorce is also one of the few times – and maybe the only time – a person has to deal with the court system. Ending a disintegrating marriage is made more […]