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It’s Time to Start Saving for the Holidays

Hear those sleigh bells ringing? Nope, neither do we, and that’s the point! The holidays may feel like a long way off, but that’s exactly why you should start saving for them right now. Every year, the vast majority of us refuse to remember how expensive the holidays are until right around November when we look […]

Do You Need an Asset Protection Plan?

Think about all of the things that you own, from every dollar sitting in your retirement account, to the home you just bought, or the business that you’ve slowly grown into a successful enterprise over the last ten years. Now, think about how much time, effort, blood, and sweat went into earning the money in […]

Five Reasons Why You Should Request Alimony as a Lump Sum During Your Divorce

If you are in a position to receive alimony as a part of your divorce, the settlement (or the judge) may specify exactly how much your ex-spouse is obligated to pay and over what time period. Normally, your ex would be required to send you a monthly alimony payment, but you can attempt to negotiate […]

Should You Invest in Long-Term Care Insurance?

If your grandmother was born in the year 1900, her life expectancy wasn’t much higher than 50, according to the National Institute on Aging. However, if you are 65 years old today, the Social Security Administration predicts that you will be able to blow the candles out on your 86th birthday cake if you are […]

Thinking of a Divorce? Make Sure You Can Access Cash!

As soon as you begin divorce proceedings, things can move quickly, and you won’t always be able to predict how your spouse will react. If your spouse is in charge of your family’s finances or even has access to joint accounts, you could find yourself suddenly cut off from your money! Do not put yourself […]

Should You Refinance to Remodel Your Home?

Have you been dreaming of remodeling your cramped and outdated kitchen forever? The cost of even a small remodel can quickly reach five digits, and it isn’t uncommon for larger remodels, especially whole home remodels, to reach six or even seven digits in price. Most of us don’t have $10,000 just sitting around, much less […]

In Sickness, Health…and Debt? Are You Responsible for Your Spouse’s Debts?

When you join your life with another in marriage, you make the promise to share all the joys and challenges of the future together…but does that include debt? What if you are a diligent saver while your husband comes into the marriage with $50,000 in student loan debt? What if he dreams of starting his […]

Are You Losing Your Social Security Benefits?

 I recently heard that I may be entitled to collect Social Security benefits when I retire based on my ex-husband’s earnings. But I looked at my divorce decree and it doesn’t say anything about it. Did I miss the boat? Here’s some good news about your divorce! If you were married to your ex-spouse for […]

Should I Keep the House?

Divorce can shake you to your very foundations. Everything changes and many women want to cling to the house as the only stability they can find in a shifting world. Whether keeping the house is your best option depends on many different factors. Here are six things you need to consider in making that important decision. […]