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Why You Should Definitely Never Try to Hide Assets During a Divorce

Understand the Penalty for Hiding Assets During a Divorce You feel angry. Betrayed. Frustrated and furious. Divorce rarely brings out the best in us and oftentimes reveals our inner monsters. This is especially true if abuse and/or infidelity are part of the equation. Nonetheless, you may be obligated to hand over a significant amount of […]

Do I Need a Reason to Get Divorced?

Introduction to the No-Fault Divorce If you were stuck in a lousy marriage at the beginning of the 20th century, your chances of getting a divorce weren’t so great, especially if you were a woman. Back in those days, you couldn’t just tell a court that you and your husband had grown apart.You had to […]

What Does Divorce Mean For My 401(k)?

What Does Divorce Mean For My 401(k)? You have worked hard to build up your 401(k), you savvy financial lady, so that you are on the right path for a most excellent retirement. Now, divorce has reared its ugly head. What does this mean for your precious 401(k) account? Can your soon-to-be ex-husband take a […]

Teaching Your Children the Value of Saving and Investing

Ask savvy investors how they learned their first lessons about money, and they’ll probably tell you lessons their parents taught them. The money values we learn as children stay with us the rest of our lives. If you are a parent, teaching your children the value of saving and investing will benefit them the rest […]

Riding Out Market Storms

Volatility can make your stomach churn, and the volatility of an unstable stock market causes even the most-savvy investors to reach for the Pepto-Bismol. So you may be surprised to hear stock market volatility can actually be a good thing — at least for your retirement savings. Say you are investing $500 in a stock mutual […]

10 New Attitudes for Re-creating Your Life This Year

Just as no one can tell you how to feel about a beautiful sunset, no one can tell you how to live your life. You are the artist…and must shape your experiences with your own hand. — Susan Staszewski As you, the artist, shape your future, here are 10 attitudes that can help you create […]

Put Your Goals in Pictures

Recently my client Jennifer called me. “I did it!” she exclaimed over the phone. “I bought the vacation home that I visualized.” That excitement in her voice was a pleasure to hear. Seven years ago she was widowed at age 27 when her husband died in an auto accident near their home in Southern California. […]