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How Much Did a House Cost Ten Years Ago?

What were you up to in 2005? Maybe you spent your days humming the new Brittney Spears song Poison, standing in line to grab a ticket to Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, or checking out an odd new video website called YouTube. In 2005 George W. Bush started his second term in office, […]

Why Every Woman Needs a WIFE

According to the United States Department of Labor, in 2010, women comprised 47% of the total U.S. labor force. Though women still earn 82.5% of the salary of our male co-workers, we’re bringing home some nice paychecks every month, an average of $39,157 a year in 2013 for those of us who work full-time! In […]

Five Easy Steps to Budget and Save Like a Financial Wizard on a Fluctuating Income

Working for yourself or on commission has a lot of upsides. You might get to work in your comfy flannel PJs, or perhaps your job allows you to spend more time with your kids or earn more than you ever could staring at a cubicle all day. Of course, self-employment or the sales life isn’t […]

Waiting for Election Results is not an Investment Strategy

This election season has been interesting to say least, but some things never change, including the leading candidates from both parties predicting dire economic consequences if the other is elected. As we listen to the rants of the various politicians, are there any useful political trends that we can consider as investors? Will the person […]

Can I Go After My Husband’s Stock Options and RSUs in a Divorce?

In the past, stock options were primarily an award for a company’s top management team. In the past few decades, however, stock options and RSUs have become a much more common employee incentive, and the National Center for Employee Ownership estimates that “since the late1980s, the number of people holding stock options has increased nine-fold.” […]

Understanding Survivors Benefits for Veteran Widows

The men and women who served in the United States military deserve our thanks and our support throughout their lives. That is why the U.S. government created the Veterans Administration in 1930 and gave it the mission “to serve America’s veterans and their families as their principal advocate in ensuring that they receive the care, […]

Divorce is Probably Way More Expensive Than You Realize

The decision to get divorced should never depend on whether you think you can afford it; however, it is important that during this emotional time you prepare yourself for the potential costs involved. One of the most popular articles on is The Twelve Financial Pitfalls of Divorce. The very first pitfall we wrote about […]