Archives for March 2016

Married for More Than Ten Years? You Can Collect Social Security Benefits From Your Ex-Spouse!

If you were married to your ex-spouse for ten or more years, then you are eligible for very important Social Security benefits that could drastically increase how much Social Security you receive each month. Who doesn’t want a bigger Social Security check each month? No one, that’s right! So keep reading. Even if you are […]

Want to save taxes? Buy carrots.

As Congress and the White House consider cutting spending and raising taxes, I hope they consider what creative entrepreneurs do when tax rates get too high. Here’s an example: When a special sales tax on theater ticket sales were raised to 21%, a theater owner in Spain put on his thinking cap. He noticed that […]

How to Close Down Joint Accounts During a Divorce

When you begin the process of divorce, you will soon learn how challenging it can be to untangle your life from your ex-spouse, including your finances. If you and your ex share joint checking and savings accounts, you’ll eventually need to divide these assets before the divorce can be finalized. If your spouse is fighting […]

How to Negotiate for Your Children’s College Costs During a Divorce

Even if your children are young at the time of your divorce, you still need to keep college in mind. Your children’s college tuition is likely to be one of the greatest future expenses you face, and even if you get full custody of your children, you should not have to shoulder that burden alone. […]

Is It Time For A Portfolio Tune-Up?

When you invest, it is a good idea to allocate specific percentages of your portfolio to different types of investments depending on your age, goals, and tolerance for risk. For instance, a 30-year-old professional saving for retirement may want to invest 70% of her savings in stocks, 25% in bonds, and 5% in cash. Even […]