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Important Tax Deadlines You Can’t Afford To Miss

April 15th isn’t the only important tax deadline you need to know about, especially if you are an employer, self-employed, a tax-exempt organization, or are in a unique tax situation. Let’s do a quick refresher of the most critical tax dates that you will be facing this year. January 15 – If you pay estimated […]

If You Sold Investments Last Year, You’ll Need to Figure Out Your Cost Basis for Tax Time

If you sold stocks or mutual funds last year, hopefully you made a tidy profit (whoo-hoo!). Of course, Uncle Sam wants his cut of the profits, which are considered capital gains. The tax you owe will depend on your income bracket and how long you’ve owned the investments. If you owned them for a year […]

Do Your Investments Reflect Your Values?

Every day we make important decisions that reflect our values. Maybe you paid an extra $0.50 for a free-trade coffee or rode your bike to work. Maybe your trunk is filled with reusable grocery bags, and your roof boasts shiny solar panels. Many of us are willing to put our dollars where our values are, […]