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Some Factual Perspective for Bond Fund Investors

Tim Buckley succeeded Gus Sauter as Vanguard’s chief investment officer over a year ago. Among various topics touched on during an introductory interview, the comments of Mr. Buckley on the challenges facing bond investors back then are worth repeating now: “Bonds … are an area of concern for us [Vanguard]. … At the same time, […]

A Couple’s Money Meet-Up

Let’s imagine that you and your mate have a very important financial date today. It’s a regularly scheduled get-together that happens every month like clockwork. You may recall that when you first began these state-of-our-finances meetings, it was rocky. Lots of things needed to be shared and talked through, some quite jarring. Now, though, it’s […]


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Six Places to Look for Hidden Assets During Divorce

When couples divorce, mistrust abounds. One of the first things people think of when their spouse asks them for divorce is, he must have been stashing away money. You know more about your financial situation than any stranger could, so before you hire a private eye to look for hidden funds, think carefully about your […]

Money Club Participation Reaches an All Time High! sponsored Money Club participation has hit an all time high! We now have 442 Money Clubs with 2,852 members in 46 states plus 7 other countries, with new ones cropping up all the time. Money Clubs are the non-fattening and fun curriculum created by expert/thought leaders Candace and Ginita that teach everyone how to […]

New Second Saturday Workshops

January 2016 marks 121 Second Saturday Divorce workshops in progress or newly minted and rolling out for the New Year.  That means that women across the country will have essential legal, emotional and financial information available to help them navigate one of the most difficult challenges they can ever face. It is hard to believe, […]

Life Events and Your Finances: Are You in the Know?

The old saying, “what we don’t know can’t hurt us,” is good for a laugh when we’re talking about the number of calories in a mocha frappuccino. However, we really do want to know as much as we can about how certain predictable life events can affect us, especially our finances. Although we can’t know […]