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Southern NH Money Club offers financial ‘support’ for women

By BARBARA TAORMINA New Hampshire Union Leader Correspondent The Southern NH Money Club is part of a growing group of clubs throughout the country inspired by the Women’s Institute for Financial Education,, the oldest existing non-profit organization dedicated to financial education for women. Mary Murphy has been making financial management decisions since she was a […]

Women’s Prosperity Check 101

“You’ve come a long way, baby!” said the 1968 ad, aimed at patting women on the back for their amazing progress in the world. Fortunately, today’s women can look back and laugh at the idea that they had reached their potential in 1968. Women were just getting started back then and have since continued to […]

Estate Planning, Especially for Women

Everyone who’ll be leaving this world needs an estate plan, and they probably need financial planning while they are here. Women in particular should pay attention to this crucial and life-affirming process. Regardless of marital status or net worth, women need to make decisions and arrangements today in order to protect themselves, their husbands or […]