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Are financial problems making you feel stupid? Scientists have figured out why.

If your month lasts longer than your money, don’t berate yourself for stupidity. When financial stress gets you down, your mind is slower as well, scientists have found. Most people tested lost about 13 IQ points when they were worried about money. That’s because stress slows your brain and makes thinking more difficult, the same […]

Know Your Stuff

Whenever you read about house fires, tornadoes, hurricanes and earthquakes, do you resolve to make a list of all your stuff and important papers and store it somewhere? Well, the Insurance Information Institute is here to help you, with free online home inventory software. This app makes creating and updating your home inventory easy and […]

Living Apart Together

Today, my husband of almost seven years is packing to move out. We loved it when we lived in different states and saw each other two weeks a month.  Living together full time with two dogs, four cats that don’t get along and an ever-starving teenage son has literally put us in different states – […]

What Should Fund Investors Do With Style Boxes? Use Them!

Background Several years ago, Morningstar’s Don Phillips invented what is called a style box, now widely used by the investment community to categorize mutual funds according to investment characteristics of their portfolios. Fund categorization allows investors to diversify the asset-allocation of their portfolios by choosing a selection of funds according to varying degrees of risk […]