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Top Four New Year’s Resolutions

Here are four top financial resolutions that will help you get on track in the new year. Follow these and by the end of the year you’ll be set for the future.  

Sizing Up Your Investment Risk

Albert Einstein – “Not Everything That Counts Can Be Counted” If you have money in, or are just thinking about, emerging market mutual funds, I would strongly suggest that you incorporate the message found in the Einstein quote in your thought process. The investment community’s assessment of emerging markets seems to focus its evaluations on […]

Money Clubs…Free, Non-fattening and Fun!

I had a very inspiring day talking to all of the women and groups around the country who have been using Money Clubs, the educational curriculum developed by Candace and Ginita almost twelve years ago.  From getting out of debt to budgeting, saving to retirement and everything in between, the free information and resources they […]

The Cost of Christmas is on the Rise Again

Ever wonder what the twelve days of Christmas would cost in today’s dollars? Well, believe it or not PNC Wealth Management has been tracking exactly that for 30 years. The cost of the gifts in song “The Twelve Days of Christmas” is $27,393.17 in 2013, almost $1,200 more than last year. Build the gifts from […]

Parlez-Vous Financial Planning?

Women rule financially, but men rule where we get our advice about investing. The fact is that women control 52% of the wealth in our nation, and will control a full two-thirds in the next decade. This is amazing news – except for the fact that 85% of advisors are male, and many are not […]