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Considering lending your children money for a down payment, or co-signing a mortgage? Here’s a helpful article for parents on the options available to them to help their children to purchase a home. It’s from our latest Cool New Friend, The website has other great articles about mortgages and financing, along with many different […]

Women’s Wellness Journey

Need time to explore and restore? I am excited to share the first EVER “Women’s Wellness Journey” at beautiful Spa Ojai, October 6th – 9th.  WIFE co-founder and brilliant wealth expert Candace Bahr and I came up with an innovative (and proprietary) M.A.P. Process.  M.A.P. stands for Mindset, Abundance and Purpose – the three key […]

Don’t get taken in by the latest financial scam

Can you spot a financial scam. The new Financial Fraud and Susceptibility survey bets you can’t. About 40% of the 2,400 people surveyed recently said they’d be enticed by a fully guaranteed investment, especially if it offered an annual return of 110%. Really? Bernie Madoff’s guaranteed return rate was only 12%, and that was clearly […]

Should Kiplinger’s “Favorite Funds” Be Your Choices?

For several years now, the Kiplinger Personal Finance magazine has put together a selection of mutual fund recommendations it calls the “Kiplinger 25.” This is a portfolio of 25 no-load funds, in five different categories, that it considers to be of top quality. This portfolio, which also appears on the website, is fairly static, […]

I Snooped…

I just found out my husband secretly opened a credit card in his own name and I can’t track it.

What are my 401K options after divorce is final?

Can I use that money as a down payment on a house for me and the kids?

For Women, a Different Networking Strategy

BY: ANN MARSH FINANCIAL PLANNING TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 3, 2013 Strategic marketing customized for female clients helped longtime planner Candace Bahr build her practice up to $100 million in AUM. What steps did she take? Find out at the upcoming Women Advisors Forum, set for Oct. 29 in Chicago, where Bahr is set to speak. “Women need […]