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The Spending Strike

Sarah Baker, a long-time member of WIFE, along with her husband and children, took on the challenge of a month-long spending strike. They paid their mortgage, utilities, and insurance but cut out all other spending. Keeping track of what they would have spent, the Bakers discovered they had saved nearly six hundred dollars that would […]

How I Found Financial Redemption through

… and How You Can Too! A Man is NOT a Financial Plan   I’m Elizabeth Bryan – I didn’t coin the phrase “A Man is Not a Financial Plan,” (WIFE co-founders Candace Bahr and Ginita Wall so wisely did) but I’m about to tell you why you should pay attention to those words – […]

What To Do If You Are Laid Off

With unemployment still a problem in many locales and occupations, many people fear the possibility of being laid off. Here are some tips for coping with that prospect, courtesy of Ethan Ewing, president of free online consumer portal Negotiate well. If you are laid off, negotiate for a layoff package just as you would for a […]

Should You file Taxes Jointly or Separately?

It’s tax time again, and many are wondering whether they should file jointly with their soon-to-be-ex-spouse. There are many factors that I consider when I meet with clients to determine their best course of action for filing taxes. If you suspect your spouse is cheating on taxes by under-reporting income or over-reporting deductions, you can […]