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San Diego U-T: For Love and Money

Love and money can lead to disaster if couples don’t consider finances together. A recent survey put money disagreements as the top reason couples argued, ahead of arguments about children, chores, work or friends, according to a survey by Harris Interactive and the American Institute of CPAs. puts financial problems at the top of its list […]

San Diego U-T: Divorce workshop offers needed advice

Maybe it has something to do with the icy winds blowing about, but I’ve sometimes heard that January is one of the busiest months of the year for divorce lawyers. The holidays are over; the mood is more solemn; and perhaps people are thinking it’s time to finally take action on something they’ve been putting […]


Job Hunt started 14 years ago to help job seekers and career explorers. Check out the section that gives descriptions and salary and employment stats by career as well as locale and watch videos about those careers.

Ready for Zero

ReadyForZero is a website that helps people take control of their debt and pay it off faster, on their own. They have a robust resource center focusing on such topics as careers, relationships and money, budgeting, debt consolidation, student loans, and many others. Check them out at ReadyForZero.

Financial Infidelity

Infidelity. Most couples think it’s a relationship breaker. But in many relationships a surprisingly amount of infidelity goes on every day without a word. Financial infidelity, rampant in many relationships, may go unnoticed at first. It could be as little as hiding small purchases from a spouse or as large as blatant disregard for a […]

Test Your Marriage Money Skills

Take our marriage money skills quiz to improve your joint understanding and communication about money. You and your partner should answer the questions separately and then compare the notes. The results may surprise you! Download this Quiz (PDF) 1. My partner handles money: a. Like a bull in a china shop. b. According to our mutually […]

He Says, She Says

If your spouse is a risk-taker and you are not (or vice versa), it’s sometimes difficult for you to understand each other. The words just don’t mean what they would mean if you were saying them. With that in mind (and of course a firm desire to improve communication between the sexes), we offer you this handy […]

A career resource  from, is called CTI Career Search . We particularly like Career Stories, a collection of real-world career descriptions on more than 200 different occupations written by people working in each profession.

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Financial Education and Empowerment

Your financial situation has an incredible effect on the quality of your life. It’s important to define your long-term goals and create an investment strategy to help achieve those goals.

It’s More Than Money, It’s Your Life

Managing Money During and After Divorce

As you begin life on your own, here are some tips to protect yourself and begin building financial security for the future.

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Cost of Living Calculator

How much did it cost ten years ago for a gallon of gas? How about a loaf of bread in 1954? A new house in 1927?