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PrimeTime Women

Have you noticed that more and more advertising is aimed at you lately? In Marti Barletta’s book, she says that’s because PrimeTime Women™  stand at the intersection of the two most powerful and prosperous consumer segments in the world today: 1.  The so-called “Mature Market” whose numbers are growing exponentially and who enjoy above average income, wealth, and spending power. […]



Rich Mom, Poor Mom

We inherit many things from our mothers. Mom our first source of nourishment, love, and security, and she’s also a role model for many of the values and beliefs that shape our lives. Knowingly or not, Moms influence their children’s feelings about money, abundance, and prosperity—their sense of whether the glass of life is half-empty […]

A Famous Father’s Money Model for Kids

If you’re looking for a “Rich Dad” role model, you can’t do much better than the popular motivational speaker and best-selling author, Dr. Wayne W. Dyer. Wayne is rich in every sense of the word—in funds, in family, in friends and fans, and in fantastic life experiences. Father of eight and grandfather of five, Wayne […]

The Cost of Raising a Child

When our daughter Carrie was in high school, she worked at Starbucks after school and on weekends. She saved half of her paycheck for future college expenses and spent the rest on current teenage “necessities” such as MP3 players, shoes and fashion. If you asked Carrie, she was practically self-supporting.  She loved the independence, and […]

The Next Survivor Series

THE NEXT SURVIVOR SERIES   Six married men will be dropped   on an island with 1 car and 4 kids each, for 6 weeks. * * * Each kid plays two sports and either takes music or dance classes. There is no access to fast food. Each man must take care of his 4 kids, […]

A Penny Saved is Millions Earned

Benjamin Franklin, one of our founding fathers, was a very savvy guy.  He said that a penny saved is a penny earned, but he proved that it really can be worth millions. In his will Franklin left the cities of Boston and Philadelphia 1,000 pounds each (the equivalent of $4,444). He asked that the funds […]

Your Investment Rights and Responsibilities

Today’s investments are steps toward tomorrow’s dreams. Whether it’s real estate, stocks, bonds, or another financial product, we buy in hopes that our investments will prosper and help us reach our financial goals. But all investments carry risk. It’s risk that provides the opportunity for money to grow. We as consumers have rights and responsibilities […]

Words of Wisdom from the Founding Fathers

Bring on the picnics, parades, and fireworks—it’s time for our nation’s annual celebration of faith! July Fourth marks one of the world’s great acts of faith when a bold group of American patriots signed their names to the Declaration of Independence and risked everything for the dream of a free and just society. Of course, […]

9 Things Your Great Depression Grandparents Knew About Saving

Are we heading into a Great Depression? Probably not. “While today’s situation does not necessarily imply another Great Depression, the economic downturn and those comparisons can encourage us to turn worry into a positive,” said Ethan Ewing of “Consider the lessons learned from the Great Depression and apply some of your grandparents’ financial knowledge […]

Mortgage Troubles: Options to consider

Foreclosure proceedings threatened over two million Americans last year, and almost 900,000 homes were repossessed in 2008. If you are having trouble paying your mortgage, here are seven options to consider, courtesy of 1. Determine if you Qualify for Hope for Homeowners HUD’s Hope for Homeowners program may be able to help you refinance […]

Financial Workout Tips

If you vowed to lose weight and get more exercise this year, you aren’t alone. But how about extending that fitness regime to your finances? Here are some financial workouts tips to get your finances in shape. 1.  Put Your Spending On A Diet Carrying too much debt is as exhausting as carrying extra weight. […]

Financial Advice: Four Good Reasons To Save Money This Year

It isn’t hard to find financial advice on how to save money. But have you ever thought about why saving money matters so much? Sure, it’s important to set aside money for retirement, for the kids’ college education and for those unexpected life expenses, but there’s another reason why it’s more blessed to save than […]

Uncommon Sense: Some Money Rules That Might Surprise You

Most money wisdom is pretty straightforward. You simply have to use your common sense to figure out that it’s good to save for a rainy day, spend wisely on things you really need, and keep a hopeful outlook for your financial future. Sometimes, though, a money rule comes along that calls upon your “uncommon sense” […]

Is Bankruptcy the Answer?

Are you considering bankruptcy as a solution to your financial woes? Bankruptcy is a very serious issue, so consider all of your options before you take action. Here are some steps to take before you file, courtesy of Pull a credit report first.  Visit to get your free credit report. Confirm that all information is accurate […]

Organizing Your Family Records

Got records? Most people do. But can you find last month’s bank statement? A copy of your will? The manual for your DVR? If your answer was something unprintable, you need to get a bit more organized. The beginning of a new year is an excellent time to set up a financial record-keeping system for […]

A Nice Place to Visit, But…

Many people decide to move when they retire.  But choosing where to live means more than deciding whether you prefer sand or trees.  In fact, many people make their biggest retirement mistakes when deciding where to live.  One very helpful strategy, if you can manage it, is to make extended visits to your chosen location […]

Stretch Your Legacy

When Janice’s husband died suddenly at age 56, she was left with overwhelming shock and grief plus mounds of paperwork. We helped her deal with the paperwork as she made decisions, such as rolling over and investing the proceeds of her husband’s retirement plan into an IRA in her own name. But then her situation […]

Retirement Truths and Myths

When it comes to retirement, people have some peculiar ideas, some of them just plain dangerous. Here’s what two recent surveys by Met Life and Employee Benefits Research Institute found. A full 43% of those surveyed think they can withdraw at least 10% of their retirement savings each year. That might work if you plan […]

Eight ways to get Money from an IRA penalty-free

When you lose your job or have unexpected expenses, unless you have a substantial emergency funds you are left scrambling for funds to cover life’s emergencies, and money in IRAs is an obvious target. Funds withdrawn from an IRA are taxable, and if you are under 59-1/2, you also will pay a federal penalty of […]

Twelve Tax Myths

It’s what you think you know that really isn’t true that can hurt you. A study by the American Institute of CPAs identified twelve misconceptions that taxpayers have about their income taxes. Myth #1 If you apply for an extension to file your taxes, you’re more likely to be audited. Studies have never found any […]

Ten Last Minute Tax Tips That Can Help You Save Even More!

Hey, tax procrastinators! With just a short white left until taxes are due, take a deep breath, read this article, and then get to work! 1. Don’t Rush Just because you are filing at the last minute, don’t get flustered and overlook deductions. Take time to review last year’s activity to be sure you claim […]

10 Great Year-End Tax Tips

When you think of the holiday season, what comes to mind? Gift exchanges? Holiday parties? Home-baked pies? Taxes? We know you have a lot of other things to do this time of year-baking those pies, for example-but, as your WIFE, we must remind you of those important details that are so easy to overlook. The […]

These Long-Term Tax Strategies Will Help Savvy Women Stretch Their Dollars Further

Politicians are always promising to completely revamp the tax code, but on the whole, our current tax policy has remained stubbornly consistent, with only minor changes over the years. Likewise, smart tax strategies will stand the test of time. As tax season bears down upon us, here are some reliable and long-term tax strategies that […]

Where to Stash Cash For College

How old are your kids? How much have you saved for their education? If your answer is “not enough,” you are not alone. Most people don’t really start to save for college until their kids are teenagers, and a third of parents who intend to send their kids to college have saved less than $5,000. […]

Widow Finds Credit Tied Up in Husband’s Name

After being widowed this spring at age 55, reader Lorraine from Temecula found out that her deceased husband’s credit was worth more than hers. Once she began to recover from the shock of losing her husband, she knew she should change accounts to her own name. She started with Sears, where she and her husband […]

Why Women Need Retirement Planning More Than Men Do

The good news for women: they live longer, so they will have longer to enjoy their retirement. The bad news: they live longer, and so their retirement will be much more expensive than for their male counterparts. Women tend to outlive their husbands. Only one-third of women over sixty-five are married, and on average women […]

This Is the Time of Your Life

If you’re a woman who has reached mid-life a bit dazed and crazed by the passage of time, you are not alone. No one would disagree that women experience a dizzying array of life transitions.  From getting a job to getting married to having children to being divorced or widowed, a woman needs strength and […]

Tax Break For Widows

I was widowed this year, and a friend told me she heard there are some tax breaks for widows. Can you help?   Yes. As a widow, you may file a joint return for the year he died. In addition, if you still have a dependent child at home, you may use the joint return […]

Prince Charming Doesn’t Live Here Anymore

UN-tying the Knot? Everything You Need to Know When Prince Charming Leaves the Building

Can You Do Your Own Divorce?

My husband and I are talking about getting a divorce after six years of marriage. We don’t have any children, and he thinks we can do it ourselves. What do you think? Doing your own divorce makes sense if your case is not complicated, your marriage was of short duration, you and your spouse have […]

Don’t Overlook Important Assets In Your Divorce

My husband and I have drawn up a list of what we own and we have tentatively agreed on how to split everything. I’m afraid we might have missed listing something. Can you help? As a financial divorce consultant, I often review final property settlements to determine additional tax and financial considerations that should be […]

Should You Keep Your House After Divorce?

My husband moved out of the house six months ago. I don’t think I can afford to buy him out, and so I am considering moving into the rental condo we have, which means we’d sell our house. But my husband thinks that I should stay in the house until our son leaves for college […]

Getting Income From Retirement Plans After Divorce

As a part of my divorce settlement, I am supposed to get a portion of my husband’s retirement plans. I’ll need some of the money to live on, but I’m only 53, so I’m too young to receive retirement benefits. What’s the best way to handle this retirement plan distribution? Generally, a Qualified Domestic Relations […]

Where to Search for Hidden Assets During Divorce

My husband just told me he wants a divorce, and he says he’s been thinking about it for quite a while. I’m afraid that he’s taken steps to hide money so that I won’t receive a fair share of our property. Where can I look to try to find any hidden money? It’s smart of […]

Getting Your Financial Life Back On Track After Divorce

I have just been through a divorce, and I feel as though I’ve been through the wringer. I have a great therapist who is helping me through the emotional aftermath, but I don’t know where to begin to get my financial life back on track. Unfortunately, “splitting the sheets” also means splitting the assets and […]

Divorce and Bankruptcy

Question: My husband is a spendthrift and we are deeply in debt. Money, or rather, the lack of it, is a constant source of irritation in our marriage, and we have talked about divorce in the past. Now, due to his business problems, my husband says we may be facing bankruptcy. If I go ahead […]

Dividing Debt in Divorce

I know that California says that I get half of the property my husband and I have accumulated during our marriage. But what we have is mostly debts. What’s the best way to deal with them? Unfortunately, its not unusual for couples these days to have more debts than assets. The general rule is that […]