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Mr. Grinch Meets Mr. Claus

It’s been more than 50 years since Dr. Seuss penned the beloved tale about that mean-spirited, cranky pessimist—the Grinch, a bitter creature with a heart two sizes too small. From his high mountaintop home near Whoville, he hears the happy Christmas festivities of the Whos. Envious, he steals their Christmas presents and decorations to prevent […]

Giving the Gift of Financial Knowledge

Looking for perfect gift for your children or grandchildren? Instead of giving cash or the latest gadget, try giving a financial gift. These gifts will help your loved ones to develop valuable money skills that will last long after the holiday season. Mutual funds: Giving shares in a mutual fund can be an excellent way […]

What To Bring to Your First Appointment

In last month’s column, you learned how to interview attorneys to represent you in a divorce. Once you have set an appointment, you need prepare for that interview in order to get the most bang for your buck when you and the attorney meet. The attorney must have a basic understanding of the facts of […]