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Attracting Women Clients: First, Identify Their R.E.A.L. Needs

WIFE.org co-founders Candace Bahr, CEA, CDFA and Ginita Wall discuss the importance of women’s R.E.A.L. needs in a recent article featured in Horsesmouth. Excerpt: Women need financial advisors, and advisors need clients. Women hold more than half the wealth in this country and are projected to hold up to 63% by 2020. Because women have […]

Life After Divorce: Can be Taxing

In addition to the emotional impact a divorce can have, it’s important to be aware of how your financial position will be impacted. Consider tax implications You’ll also need to consider the tax implications of your divorce. Your sources of income, filing status, and the credits and/or deductions for which you qualify may all be […]

What is Your Greatest Risk?

My grandmother and my mother-in-law each lived to age 96. Many of us know women who lived to age 100 or later.  A lot of women are afraid of a stock market decline, but because we are living longer than ever before, there’s actually something that could be more devastating to your hard earned wealth—the […]

COBRA coverage lasts only 36 months.

That’s the conventional wisdom, but it may not be true. It is true that COBRA, which applies to companies with 20 or more employees, only requires 36 months of group health plan coverage for divorced spouses. But an employer’s plan isn’t limited to providing only 36 months of coverage, and it may provide for a […]

Want to save taxes? Buy carrots.

As Congress and the White House consider cutting spending and raising taxes, I hope they consider what creative entrepreneurs do when tax rates get too high. Here’s an example: When a special sales tax on theater ticket sales were raised to 21%, a theater owner in Spain put on his thinking cap. He noticed that […]


Looking for a new approach to having fun with your finances? Try Payoff.com, a new site that uses your dreams to inspire sound money management—with a little help from your friends. Payoff is free, and it helps you get your friends involved as a financial support system, so you are more likely to reach your […]



Couples and Money

Test your marriage money skills, see how you rate on the conflict scale, 15 ways to date your mate, and more.