Money, Mind and Spirit Money Club in San Diego

Questions about MoneyI am especially excited to share info about our newest program being held in San Diego, because every single woman can benefit – really!  It’s the sponsored Money Club, yet another brilliant curriculum created by Candace and Ginita to help empower women financially.

As Candace says, “Money Clubs are non-fattening and fun” – and, a great way for women to take charge of their financial destiny in community with like-minded women.

WIFE inspired Money Clubs have cropped up all around the country, and this one will be themed a bit differently. As a speaker at Second Saturday Divorce Workshops, I’ve learned that not only do our attendees find hope in our programs, they understand that real hope comes with knowledge, autonomy and healing our emotions around money (we’ve all got ‘em).

That being said, our new Money Club is called “Women and Money:  Earning, Saving and Managing Money Independently.”  Whether you are married, divorced, single or somewhere in between– this program is for any woman who wants to feel comfortable and competent managing her finances!

Our group meets every second Saturday – right next door to our award winning Second Saturday workshop at Mira Costa College, San Elijo campus, Room 202.

If you have any questions or would like further information, please contact our Money Club instructor, Shelley Murasko at 1-760-508-0368.

The fee is just $15, and proceeds are donated back to the non-profit and Mira Costa College for additional programs to help women in the San Diego area.

I hope you’ll join us in discovering The Six Steps to Financial Success – and so much more!

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-Elizabeth Bryan

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