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Our network of advisors have gone through an extensive qualification process and only those who have qualified based on select criteria as well as a survey of their clients, will be permitted to join our network!

We are working diligently to identify advisors with whom you can feel confident when entrusting the financial needs of yourself and your family.

Advisors are being added each week, so if you are unable to find an advisor in your area, please visit us again soon or fill out the form below so we can contact you directly. Thank you for your interest and please visit us again soon!

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Women’s Choice Award Financial Advisors
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If you are an advisor and want more information about the Women’s Choice Award® Financial Advisor Program, visit our resource page for financial advisors.

Can You Recommend a Financial Advisor?

That’s a question we are often asked at WIFE.org, because women know they can trust us. You know there’s no better place to begin your search for a financial advisor or planner than to find out what other women think. At WIFE.org, we have a free program to enable you do just that. The new Women’s Choice Award® Financial Advisor Program is the only advisor-recognition program that acknowledges well-qualified advisors who are committed to the women’s market and effectively serve women clients.

The popular Women’s Choice Award program, originated by WomenCertified®, Inc, is in use in businesses such as Maytag, Whirlpool, Trane, Kaiser Permanente, Scripps, automotive dealerships, and more than 50 healthcare systems around the country. Now WIFE.org has teamed  up with Women Certified to bring this program to the financial industry. Connecting women investors with financial advisors, this free program benefits both.

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