If I Had A Million Dollars

What would you do if you won a million dollars in the lottery? Never mind that your chances of winning are just slightly better than the chances of being abducted by aliens.

But still, winning the lottery is a favorite daydream for a lot of us. So what would you do?

The answer depends on your gender: Buy everything in the world, say most men (not exactly those words, but close). Use the money to take care of my family, say most women. Isn’t it interesting that on the popular TV show Survivor, when the last two contestants were asked what they would do with the million dollars if they won, the man said he’d buy himself a new truck and a plasma TV and lots of other toys, whereas the woman said she’d use the money to pay off her mortgage, pay off her best friend’s mortgage, and send her kids to college.

In lots of ways, a windfall molds itself to your personality, and makes you more like you are. If you are immature and prone to overspending, that’s what you’ll do. If you are inclined to take care of others, you’ll use your money in that direction. And if you are insecure about finances, you may be frozen in your tracks, and live in constant fear of losing what you have.

Fortunately, more and more women are taking charge of their finances and using their money to pursue their passions, embark on new adventures, support causes they believe in, and live life to the fullest. They are starting businesses, exploring new careers, donating generously to charity, joining Money Clubs, and teaching the next generation of young girls the tools for financial success.

What’s their secret? They know that wealth is a state of mind. The more comfortable you are with the idea of having money, and the more knowledgeable you are about managing it wisely, the greater possibility that you will be prosperous all through your life. To protect and increase your wealth and safeguard your financial future, you must fully understand what you value in life, and what you hope to accomplish. Ask yourself what money means to you, and what you are looking for in life. Money is a tool to help you achieve what you want, not an end in itself.

Being grateful is its own reward-if you value what you have, you’ll always feel as though what you have is enough. And that’s something to be thankful for.

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