What Professional Women Can Learn From Sofia Vergara About Leadership


“JAAAY!” If you are a fan of the Emmy award winning show Modern Family, then you are already familiar with actress Sofia Vergara who plays the beautiful and vivacious Gloria. You have also likely seen Vergara’s face on ads for CoverGirl, Diet Pepsi, and State Farm just to name a few. Vergara isn’t just a […]

Your Female Brain Can Make You a More Savvy Investor

Femail Brain

In the book, Unleash the Power of the Female Brain, Dr. Daniel G. Amen, a psychiatrist and brain imaging expert, imaged the brains of 46,000 men and women. He compared the blood flow and activity patterns between male and female brains and found significant differences. In summarizing his finding, Dr. Amen reported that female brains […]

How to Manage Money — Together

Manage Money

“When people argue over money, the argument is likely to have little to do with money. It almost always has to do with issues of control, security, self-esteem, and, above all, love.” –Grace Weinstein, author In our lives, we are pulled in many directions. We both desire and fear the power of money, and most […]

The Difference Between Men and Women

Different Styles of Sunglasses

Until recently, the world of finances has been pretty much male dominated. And men and women think and learn very differently. For the most part, men don’t enjoy group interaction and sharing. Men are more likely to go it alone, prizing independence and autonomy, while women seek interaction and chemistry. There are a number of […]