Is Your Credit Card Safe This Holiday Season?

Credit Card Security

Last year might as well have been known as the “Year of the Data Breach.” It wasn’t the first time a major retailor announced a breach of client data by hackers, but 2013 saw the most massive breaches in history, including Target (110 million customer records hacked), Neiman Marcus (1.1 customers compromised), Michaels (3 million […]

Here are Five Big-Ticket Items You Shouldn’t Buy During the Holidays.

Big Sale -- Not!

Think You Get The Best Deals During The Holidays? Think Again! It’s holiday season, a time of carols, decorations, and cut-rate deals. Black Friday is infamous for the deep discounts retailers are willing to offer to entice holiday shoppers through their doors. These deals may be tempting, but savvy shoppers can save even more on […]

A Christmas Wish From Long Ago

Old-fashion doll

In the spring of this year my mother passed away. As my first Christmas without her approaches, I remember a Christmas story that she once told me. In 1934, my mother was eight years old, and she wanted only one thing for Christmas – a Shirley Temple doll. Shirley Temple was the most popular movie […]

Holiday Shopping Tips to Keep You from Breaking the Bank

Gift Box

Here are some smart planning tips courtesy of that can help you save $500 or more before the holidays. Budget Before employing any other savings tactics, create a holiday budget. Calculate the amount available to spend on holiday festivities, including gifts, cards, postage, decorations, entertaining, tips and travel costs. Break up with the barista  Breaking […]