Love is Grand – $30 Grand

The cost of Love

February is the month for hopeless — and hopeful – romantics. Here is a roadmap to the courting process, courtesy of our friends at Turbotax. Love is grand, it’s true. But as you head down the road to everlasting love, you’d better start saving – the cost of a wedding averages almost $30 grand. It […]

Financial Infidelity

Financial Infidelity

Infidelity. Most couples think it’s a relationship breaker. But in many relationships a surprisingly amount of infidelity goes on every day without a word. Financial infidelity, rampant in many relationships, may go unnoticed at first. It could be as little as hiding small purchases from a spouse or as large as blatant disregard for a […]

Money Harmony and Marriage

Money and Harmony

Around Valentine’s Day, with romance in the air, what couple could imagine that they would ever fight about money? Yet disagreements over money are a couple’s most common source of conflict. Finance is as fundamental to married life as the birds and the bees—but nothing can be more damaging to marital bliss. What’s a couple […]

Test Your Marriage Money Skills

Couples and Relationships

Take our marriage money skills quiz to improve your joint understanding and communication about money. You and your partner should answer the questions separately and then compare the notes. The results may be surprise you! Download this Quiz (PDF) 1. My partner handles money: a. Like a bull in a china shop. b. According to our […]

He Says, She Says

He / She

If your spouse is a risk-taker and you are not (or vice versa), it’s sometimes difficult for you to understand each other. The words just don’t mean what they would mean if you were saying them. With that in mind (and of course a firm desire to improve communication between the sexes), we offer you this handy […]

Love & Money: 25 Financial Tips for Couples

Love and Money

The way we earn, spend, and save money is a practical expression of our most fundamental beliefs. When our priorities are out of sync, money can become the great divide in an otherwise harmonious relationship. By working together toward financial freedom, money can cease being a source of conflict and become a way to express […]