Five Reasons Millennials Are Struggling to Get Ahead

It’s Not the Avocado Toast Hating on the millennial generation has become a favorite pastime of many social commentators. We are vain. We are delicate little snowflakes. We want to save the world but are too busy taking selfies. We would rather stuff ourselves with insanely expensive avocado toast than actually save for retirement. Now, […]

Should I Keep the House After Divorce for the Sake of the Kids?

Getting a divorce might be the right thing to do, but it will have a big effect on your children’s lives, creating uncertainty and possibly triggering a range of negative reactions. To lower the trauma of family change, you may want to stay in your current home, especially if you have primary custody of the […]

How Is Debt Divided in Divorce?

Debt is a reality for a large number of families in the United States. According to Nerd Wallet, the average American family is saddled with $137,063 in debt. With that in mind, we thought it would be useful to republish this article about how debt is treated in divorce. Did your husband just take out […]

Five Reasons to Take Out a Personal Loan

You’ve heard of home loans, car loans, and student loans, but what if you need money to pay for other big expenses in your life? For everything else, you may be able to qualify for what is known as a “Personal Loan.” These are typically unsecured loans that you can apply for with certain online […]

Why Your Friend’s Divorce Took Two Years

As hard as it is to admit, you know that your marriage is heading toward divorce. As the realization sets in, it’s time to start planning how to get through this thing and on to the next chapter of your life. You probably have tons of questions, such as how much is it going to […]

A Step-by-Step Guide to Preparing for Divorce

Your “I do” has turned into “I don’t.” When you walked down the aisle, you envisioned a life of permanent marital bliss, but reality has not been so kind. It is now time to end your marriage. You want a divorce, but how do you go about actually preparing for this huge life change? In […]

How Your Credit Score Is Determined

For something so important, it’s amazing how many women don’t know how their credit score is calculated. Your credit score could be the thing standing between you and that mortgage loan you need to buy your first home. It might tip the scale for or against you when you apply for your dream job. It […]

A Man Is Not A Financial Plan®

Many of the young women of the millennial generation fully expect to go to college and develop their own careers regardless of whether they get married and have children. In fact, the growing expectation of freedom and autonomy today’s women possess may explain why both men and women in the United States are waiting longer […]

Love & Money: 25 Financial Tips for Couples

The way we earn, spend, and save money is a practical expression of our most fundamental beliefs. When our priorities are out of sync, money can become the great divide in an otherwise harmonious relationship. By working together toward financial freedom, money can cease being a source of conflict and become a way to express […]

How Understanding the Four Walls Strategy Can Keep You Afloat After a Divorce

The biggest mistake women make when they decide to get divorced (and most divorces are instigated by women) is that they fail to plan for their post-divorce life. This is understandable. The decision to separate from a marriage is highly emotional, and it can be difficult to focus on practical questions, such as how you […]